Nourish is a luxury, all-inclusive retreat for creative entrepreneurial moms who are looking to refresh, connect with like minded women, and find balance between work and motherhood. 

We want to help women let go of the idea that they must do + be everything. Our mission is to nurture these women, help them foster their creativity and support them in business and in Motherhood

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Being a mom is a hard job – it’s both rewarding + relentless, life-giving + depleting. Add running a creative business to the mix and it’s easy to constantly feel like you’re either letting your work down, or letting your family down. Nourish was created out of love for busy, tired moms like yourself; for mom’s seeking a reboot, a support system and a hearty dose of rest. 

Together we’ll connect, create and inspire one another towards finding balance and finding ourselves. We’ve curated a group of creative industry leaders who are also busy, entrepreneurial mothers to lead mentor sessions throughout the retreat. From nutrition + yoga, to marriage + sex, to business growth + creative breakouts, you’ll reconnect with yourself physically, mentally and  professionally, and walk away completely revitalized.